Connecting farmers to the market

Farmers particularly in the DRC face many issues when they harvest, they need to quickly sell their goods, before they rot, because there is no appropriated conservation method, but, as they have to travel long roads before reaching to customers, their lives are hard in that way, that is why we created an E-commerce platform for farmers in the DRC where they would have an account from which customers will order their goods, and we take care of the logistics making farmers happy because in that way, they won’t need to move in order to find potential customers.

Connecting small farmers to information

Weather information

Farmers lack accurate weather information, it leads them to water their plants the same day it is supposed to rain, therefore they waste their money, time, energy and water. They don’t know when is the right time to spray expensive plant medicines that might potentially be wasted in the event that it rains. That’s why we created a SMS-base weather information system that covers now more than 7800 farmers in the north Kivu in the DRC. This solution has allowed farmers to save water and their other resources.

Market price information

They also have low bargaining power when they don’t really know how much their products could potentially be sold in the wide market or in the next village. So we implemented a sms based system working with human being that collects prices in all the targeted markets and allow us to share the information with farmers.

Farming advices

Some of them are unaware about tips and good advices about practicing a sustainable farming.

Therefore, we work with farmers that help us build farming advices for our customers who are farmers.

Putting in place smart farm greenhouses

Farm greenhouses are part of the future solutions that we will build, we are still in an experimental phase, but our aim is to set up automated systems that will be monitoring plants, water them and regulate temperature according to machine learning and AI models.

Setting up connected farming

We are doing research on internet of things, the goal is to take farming in Africa to the highest automation possible.

Ecological conservation of agricultural products

We make sure to keep agricultural products inside of solar cold rooms that will contribute in ecological conservation and reduce the negative climate impact that generator powered cold rooms might have.