History of Kivugreen

Kivugreen is a Congolese company that was born in June 2018 from an idea, the mission was initially to facilitate farmers access to the broad market because they had trouble selling their goods from the remote areas where they would spend days with no visibility to potential clients and their harvest would rot from times to times. From there came the rest of inspiration. We Started in the Nyiragongo area, then traveled to the Masisi territory also. The more we progressed, we got to realize that farmers were going through a lot of issues, and it helped us build more solutions for them.

Our team

Chris Ayale

Chief Executive Officer

Jean Marie Vianney

Chief Finance and Admin Officer

Ilunga Djani Elie

Chief Technology Officer

Joelle Bahati

Customer Manager

Lafille Sivirwa

Logistics Manager

Charline Nsimirempakanira

In charge of farmers relationship

Anatole Prince Paluku

Marketing Manager

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