oKivuGreen Corporation conducted a raid in Rutshuru territory in
partnership with FARM, and aimed to raise awareness among producers and farmers
on the use of GreenSMS which is a messaging system allowing :
price information on various markets in North Kivu province via SMS agricultural advice via SMS
access agricultural weather forecasts adapted to local conditions
to have access to the market (direct contact between producers and buyers)
(merchant, processor etc..) by SMS.
In fact, after an awareness-raising session, farmers were convinced of the benefits of GreenSMS, and subscribed en masse.

So pleased with the benefits of the Green SMS service, a corn farmer
had not hidden his joy: “[…] we cultivated a lot of quantities but for lack
information on the market price to be able to sell, the productions rotted in the
but thanks to this service, there will be more difficulties to sell our products at a good price
because we will already have the market price information in advance. Thanks to KivuGreen for
this innovation […]”.

After several days of sensitization in several localities of Rutshuru territory,
The KivuGreen team was satisfied with the results and the very good perception of the GreenSMS service by the Rutshuru farmers.